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Internationalize your company

We are an international consultancy supporting companies to conquer new markets in an innovative way

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The world at your fingertips

Are you looking to expand your business into new markets but don't know where to start? Our consultancy can help internationalize your business with innovative solutions and successful strategies.

We go beyond traditional methods and think outside the box to create better experiences for brands to connect with their customers in new realities. With our expertise, we can support your company in conquering new markets and deepening relationships between ideas, people and business.

Our services

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Export with augmented reality 

Improve your international customers' shopping experience using augmented reality

"Working with 7IBS was an incredible experience. They gave us full support in organizing the rounds. From preparing the companies in advance and surveying qualified buyers to managing the meetings and consolidating the results. We were very satisfied and so were the participating companies. "

Sarah Saldanha, Internationalization Manager

About Us

7 International Business Strategy is a consultancy focused on supporting the internationalization of companies, through the development of assertive market access strategies and innovative solutions to develop international business and partnerships. 

We are based in Brasilia and Barcelona, in contact with the main innovation trends and we have a wide network of partners to foster business and partnerships between Latin America, Europe and the United States.

Our vision is to create a better and more prosperous world, which is why 7% of our income is directed towards social projects.

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