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Going beyond boundaries

We believe in a world without borders between countries and people, between physical and digital.


We are an international company specialized in transforming physical products into digital ones in order to show them in augmented and virtual reality.

Our focus is on working with footwear companies, for which we have mastered the most advanced techniques for creating the product in 3D and presenting it online to the customer.

At the moment, we are headquartered in Barcelona and Brasilia, in contact with the main innovation trends and we have a wide network of partners to foster business and partnerships between Latin America, Europe and the United States.

We want to take business beyond borders.

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We are driven by the idea of innovating, of developing new solutions to improve the environment of our society through deeper and better connections.


We want to increase our positive impact in the community. We believe in a range of shared values such as abundance, trust, collaboration and empathy. We want to help companies be the solution to the world's problems, not the cause.


Our team has more than 10 years of experience in advising companies on actions to access the national and international market.

Cópia de Turtle_Pitch2.png

Conscious Leadership

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